Education / Training

All courses and trainings are funded by german law. Funds are provided by the "GFAW", an association for employment and economic development in the land of Thuringia. This is available for each person continuously every two years. More information...

Thuringia | "education voucher"

  1. Who gets funding?
    1. Support goes to employees obligated to contribute to social insurance.
      Employees of legal entities under public law and public servants are not eligible.
  2. How much funding can be granted?
    1. Each person can apply for an "education voucher" every two calendar years. The maximum funding amount is 500 Euros.
  3. What are the requirements for funding?
    1. The applicant must be employed by a company headquartered in the land of Thuringia.
    2. The annual taxable income must be between 20,000 and 40,000 Euros (for households, for example a married couple, the range is 40,000 to 80,000 Euros).
    3. The funding must be formally requested from GFAW before the binding registration for continuing education. The course registration must not yet have taken place.
    4. There must be no insolvency proceedings opened or in progress against the applicant, and the applicant may not be listed in the debtor registry pursuant to Section 882b ZPO (Code of Civil Procedure).
    5. The education/training must be completed.
  4. How do I request funding?
    1. The person interested in continuing education course/training must submit a complete application to the "GFAW".
    2. The application can be downloaded online ( There is also a free support hotline.
  5. How does the accounting work for funding?
    1. After completing the education course, the participant pays the educational institution for the costs, then requests reimbursement from the "GFAW".