Education "electrician for defined activities"

Our broad spectrum of training and continuing education options also includes training as an "electrician for defined activities".

According to European standard EN 50110-1:2008-09-01 Section 3.2.3 and the German DGUV Vorschrift 3, no. 6, an electrician is a "person with suitable technical education, knowledge, and experience" in the area of prevention and avoidance of dangers due to electricity. In IEC 600050, this is classified under IEV 195-4-1.

Our company windpower-concept GmbH offers this training so that your personnel can be sufficiently trained to handle orders in the area of the training.

Due to the large differences in the tasks of electricians for defined activities, and since there is no general education, we can offer you different course options. The disadvantage of the lack of general education is compensated by the high level of specialized knowledge gained. As is well-known in the area of electricity, the differences between individual specializations can be immense.

windpower-concept GmbH has made it our task to provide optimum coverage of the individual fields, and to provide outstanding training for the personnel of our customers.

You are also welcome to discuss individual scheduling for the different educational areas. Advantages such as high-level specialized knowledge on the part of employees lead to their increased motivation, since they have rare expertise, and for you as a company, increased technical knowledge on the part of your staff translates into a better reputation on the market. More effective staff planning also increases company profitability.

Not only scheduling can be customized for you. A requirements analysis is also part of the initial consulting discussion. This addresses the content of the training and any existing knowledge on the part of the trainee electricians for defined activities.

According to professional association regulations "Electrical systems and equipment", employees with training as electricians for defined activities are absolutely mandatory if they are to be assigned the recommissioning and repair of electrical systems. If your employees complete training as electricians for defined activities, they can be used for these specific repairs.

Our training offering includes the following areas, among others:

  • Transformer maintenance
  • Converter maintenance
  • Generator maintenance
  • Power rail replacement
  • Service lifts
  • Climbing assists
  • Sky-Climbers

Upon completion of training as an "electrician for defined activities", the student receives a certificate for performance that lists the fields of study defined.

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