EuP training (electrical instructed person)

windpower-concept GmbH is your international contact when it comes to provide your employees with an "EuP" training in english. We know that our clients are international contractors too. We offer you project-specific "EuP trainings" according to DIN VDE 0105 and DIN VDE 1000-10. Our "head of electrical engineering" is qualified to fit off-shore "EuP trainings" in connection with all necessary documents such as working instructions, job descriptions and risk assessments. 

Providing technical knowledge and competence is our strength! And with an "EuP" training at our facilities, your employees will meet all the requirements for working under germans DGUV regulations 1 and 3 accident prevention regulations (earlier called the BGV A3). These guidelines state that the company is responsible for ensuring that electrical systems and equipment are installed, modified and maintained only by an electrician or under the management and supervision of an electrician. The technical operational safety regulations (TRBS) in the Operational Safety Ordinance (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung, BetrSichV) of 2002 define these requirements.

Your company can derive many advantages when employees have completed a course to be qualified as a electrotechnically instructed person. This increases flexibility in your company and the trade associations also consider it to meet their conditions.

We would be happy to prepare a concept for you explaining how your installers in the wind energy industry can optimally receive "EuP" training. Training sessions for "EuP", of course, are based on german DGUV regulations 1 and 3 and DIN VDE 0105/100 and DIN VDE 1000 / 10, and they can be organized on short notice. We can also handle the formal appointment as "EuP" for you.

The wind energy industry may be our core competence, but we can gladly educate your employees in other fields as "EuP" as well.

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