PPE against falling

Personal Protection Equipment against falling

According to DGUV regulation 112-198 - Use of personal protective equipment against falls (formerly BGR 198) and DGUV usually 112-199 - rescue from heights and depths with personal fall protection equipment (formerly BGR 199), training is required for all work with Personal Protection Equipment against fall (PPE, or German PSAgA), in courses that are 2 days for first-time users and one day for workers that have already received training. You can take this training at windpower-concept GmbH.

Since the requirements vary greatly between the different fields of work, we offer customized training to meet your specific needs. We would also be happy to conduct the training course directly at your facilities, but we do expect a minimum number of participants in this case; please ask if you are interested.

Whether fall arrest or holding systems, windpower-concept GmbH is a specialist in this area!

Content required by the professional associations, such as centrifugally regulated abseil and rescue lift equipment in combination with the correct use of fall arrest equipment (straps, fall dampers, HSG equipment, attachment points), including the performance of rescue practice from climbing protection systems, and of course also from rotor blade service lifts upon requests, is all conscientiously taught at windpower-concept GmbH.

Upon completion of the course, each participant receives a confirmation of passing PPE against fall training.

Yearly PPE against fall refresher courses are mandatory according to the professional association.

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