Inside rotor blade rescuing

...and inside rotor hub rescuing in areas with falling risk

In their BGR-GUV-R117-1 "Measures for rescue from containers, silos, and close spaces", the professional association sets high standards for workers' understanding of safety in hazardous situations. windpower-concept GmbH has made it our task to provide high-quality education in this area as it pertains to wind energy installations.

Since more and more manufacturers of wind energy installations assume training in BGR-GUV-R117-1, we offer a two-day course in rescue from a rotor blade.

We use a wind energy installation at our facilities to explain hazardous situations to your employees, and show them how to behave during a rescue from the rotor blade.

But the training doesn't just involve insight into the physical and emotional intensity of these hazardous situations, but also preventive measures.

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