Rotor blade access technology


Our trainers has been an educator in the handling of rotor blade service lifts for years, and can look back on the training of countless technician.

A unique training module makes it possible for us to teach your employees about handling, but also accident prevention, rescue exercises, and evacuations with rotor blade service lifts.

The training is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part.

With pleasure you'll love the shorter time required and thus the lower costs of inspection of wind power plants by using a special Sky-Climber. With our specifically training, you will optimize this process, starting with access systems to recognition of hazards.

You can also combine this course with training as an "electrician for defined activities" (EffT).

Fisat rope access technique training 1 - 3

In addition to the training in the handling of rotor blade service lifts, windpower-concept GmbH also trains classical industrial climbers.

FISAT (Fach- und Interessenverband für seilunterstützte Arbeitstechniken, the professional interest group for rope-supported work techniques), founded in 1995, has tested and certified windpower-concept GmbH as an educational provider.

We offer FISAT training for all three valid levels, with one Level 3 trainer with many years of practice around the world in different work areas of commercial industrial climbing.

The equipment for the basic Level 1 course can be purchased from windpower-concept GmbH. Thanks to a close cooperation with the German company Skylotec, we can offer you low-cost brand-name products in the industrial climbing sector. We look forward to your inquiries!

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